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  • This is a complimentary new product competition exclusively for contracted exhibitors at the 2022 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo Europe
  • Eligible products must have been introduced or upgraded with a new release between May 2021 and May 2022.
  • Winners will be voted on by conference attendees during the event
  • Winners will be announced during the event 
  • Upload a print resolution digital image of your product in the form below



(This part of the entry will be included within the Bio-IT World Expo 2019 Program Guide)

Submission guidelines:
  • Logo should be in .eps vector format. Logos should NOT be embedded in Word, PowerPoint or PDF files.
  • An image of 300 dpi. with a minimum size of 220 points/18 picas/3”/917 pixels in width is preferable. A file size of less than 1M is probably too low-res for print use.
  • Submit both black & white and color versions of logos (when available)
Black & White

Submission guidelines:

  • Product image should be uploaded as a standard image filed (ex. .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp)
  • Please submit a screen shot if your product can not be photographed (ex. software).
With your submission of this product entry, you grant Bio-IT World, Inc. the use of any photos, video or product/company information gained as a result of this process, without further permission. A minimum number of entries are required in order for a winner to be named. Entries after the deadline will not be guaranteed for consideration.  All entries become property of Bio-IT World, Inc.  Copyright Bio-IT World, Inc. 2019

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