2023 Poster Presentations COMING IN NOVEMBER



2022 Poster Presentations

P1: Curation and Integration of Multi-Omics, Imaging and Clinical Data from Nineteen Clinical Trials, Presented by Myriam S., AstraZeneca Computational Pathology GmbH

P2: Application of Machine Learning in Drug Design, Presented by Alexandre C., Dassault Systemes

P3: Digital Transformation of Reaxys Made It the Most Comprehensive Chemistry Information System for Drug Discovery, Presented by Ivan K., Elsevier Information Systems GmbH

P4: Leveraging the Extraction of Knowledge from Your Data with OmniA, Presented by Oscar D., OmniumAI

P5: Enabling Data Driven Decisions Using a Knowledge Platform, Presented by Mei Shan K., ONTOFORCE

P6: GPBB: Biomarker for Stroke, ACS and Preeclampsia, Presented by Karthik K., Rhine Waal University of Applied Sciences

P7: Developing a Potent Small Molecule Immunomodulator, Presented by Yasser T., University of Alberta

P8: Data Analysis for Precision Nutrition: A Challenge for Omics and Diet Integration, Presented by Dolores C., University of Valencia


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